Sunday, July 27, 2008

Of Horror and Sanity

My youngest brother and my parents came over to dump him into Taylor's University College. When parents come to visit, you must do your best to go and meet up with them, they are the one and only source of unlimited funds.

Okay enough with the backstory.

If you look to the right of my blog you can see that I have a Board Game Geek column, thingamajig. From there you can see I have Dunwich Horror, yes, the expansion for Arkham Horror. I know I've only played a few games of Arkham Horror, but I just wanna have more investigators and more encounter cards and more Ancient Ones and so on and so forth. I just want 'em all.


There are new gameplay mechanics this time around. You can choose not to lose all your stamina/sanity to gain either an injury card or madness card. These cards let you keep all of your items at a cost throughout the whole game. So you should choose wisely whether its feasible to keep all of your items or to let half of them go.

Also now, we have gate bursts. Gates that are sealed can be re-opened if a certain card comes into play. That definitely sucks balls, for players who went through all the trouble to seal the gate. But, I like the game to be difficult and I like how people react when they get encounters that are detrimental to their investigators. I should post pictures.

Lastly, let me point you to why its called Dunwich Horror. The expansion has a new map board connected to the base game, which is roughly 1/4 of the size of the base board. The new map is called Dunwich and there is a monster (btw, the monster is called The Dunwich Horror)that comes out if its not kept in check. I wont go into detail, for fear it might spoil the game later for you 'readers'. But, lets just say the Dunwich Horror is a very tough cookie to beat. On top of that you have to worry about the Ancient One from awakening.


I played alone to get used to the rules for awhile and it shows that with these new locations and new investigators, it gets interestingly harder. It is hard to win a game, honestly.


maslight said...

1 sentence to describe what I'm feeling...

"I HATE YOU!!!!"

bring it back or u die!

maslight said...

ogie fine, I didn't really mean that. come back in 1 piece


xrothe said...

hmmmm...nie yang best bring back or not?....hhmmmm


rizwan said...

i had this inkling on what to write but once my finger's on the keyboard it all dissipated in to oblivion. oh well.. how's hanis? any teary eyes?

i remember when i first went to uni.. my parents just waved goodbye at the airport an its all survival mode from then on.

kids nowadays..

Anna F said...

Unlimited funds...yeah!!! The other day I went to Mom and asked for funds. Now I say, 'Mom....Funds!' Or I'd say ,'Mom...' and give them a stupid smile and dad will butt in and say ,'Funds?!'

Then Mom said, 'Bukan gaji sudah kah?'

I said,' Yeah..tapi the queue is too long at the ATM. Kalau mintak funds sama Mummy the queue is 4 people ahead of me MAX or I'd be the one in front'

The new password to money from the parents is 'Funds' or just body language. For instance, knock on parents room door, enter and start smiling

xrothe said...

No teary eyes from mom yet...I hope not. Haha, well I tried to go on survival mode, but I'm way to dependant. My fault hoho, even now la kira.

And kak, man you do the same thing I do when I ask for money. I give my best heart melting smile ever. Mom always falls for it, now I feel bad.

Kita main Arkham Horror kak!

Yongster said...


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